Why We Made These Fresheners

We made these fresheners for travelers executives who are always on the road. Our car fresheners are from natural ingredients. These are not harmful to your health. The convenience of riding your car with a fresh fragrance has been an inspiration. Our fragrances last long

Why We Take Care To Choose The Right Ingredients

Most Malaysians are health conscious these days. We want to provide a car freshener that gives out a fresh scent and is not hazardous to the health. We choose the natural ingredients we have in the car fresheners

Our Strategic Partners

Why Us?

The majority of car air fresheners found in the market today are created with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are synthetic chemicals that can stay suspended in air. Research shows that the possible adverse effects of exposure to VOCs include headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, liver, kidney, central nervous system damage, cancer, and more.

That is why it’s best that you choose a car freshener wisely. And that is where we came in. At Vanzo, our car fresheners are made of all-natural plant extracts and contains no alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene. They're 100% safe for the whole family, even for pregnant women and those with fragrance sensitivity.

Our Story

Vanzo is a company based in Selangor, Malaysia. Our founder and CEO, Eddie Ng, has a combined 7 years’ experience in producing automotive perfume and accessories.

Lots of companies sell air fresheners, but what sets Vanzo apart is the quality of our products. People all over the world have been using air fresheners containing harmful chemicals for ages. We saw this as an opportunity for a positive change, to rid motorists of toxic air fresheners and provide them a better, safer alternative.  

We set out on this journey and spent years to find a supplier that will help us realize our dreams.

Fortunately, we have established a cooperation with Ogawa & Taiyo, the most authoritative fragrance company in Japan. The company has almost 11 decades of experience in producing raw fragrances. Together, we were able to come up with a car freshener that’s good for your vehicle and your health.

Since then, we have rapidly grown and became the only Malaysian company that produces non-toxic natural car air fresheners made from 100% plant extracts and nothing else.

Our Origin

Ogawa & Taiyo Corporation are both renowned companies working in commercial fragrance systems, with a collective history of more than 125 years. Both companies are widely known in Japan and even in Asia for being fully focused and uncompromising on product quality and safety.

First Healthy Car Freshener In Malaysia. Fully Tested & Approved.
We at Vanzo are proud to cooperate with Ogawa and Taiyo to successfully create the first car fragrance in Malaysia with zero harmful chemicals. Our entire fragrance line has passed the MSDS International Standard Test Report, passed the SGS testing received the Certificate of Analysis.

Our Vision (for our products)

We want to let people enjoy world-class quality car fresheners at a reasonable price. We also want to change the people's perception about car fresheners by creating one that’s made of safe ingredients – one that will give your car a fresh smell yet won’t compromise your health.

Our Mission

We aim to be a well-known car freshener brand in Asia. Our mission is to provide a healthy air freshener that contains no toxins, no chemicals, or synthetic fragrances found in commonly used spray, gel, and plug-in air fresheners. We believe that we can make your car smell good throughout your journey while still caring for you and your family’s safety and well-being.


1 Nov
VANZO Official Launch


11 aug
Advertising Collaboration with Asia First Female DJ Leng Yein
6 oct
The 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Awards
5 nov
Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2018-2020 Awards


1 jan
New Product Launch - Miniature Series
7 jan
Vanzo products entered one of the largest wholesale distributors in Malaysia - Brothers Car Accessories
3 may
Vanzo products entered into Autobacs - A Japanese Automotive Retail Chain
14 june
Official Purchase From Grab of First Batch of Vanzo's Product
10 jul
kar hifi Automotive Media Magazine Report
6 aug
Vanzo Products Entered Into Grab Drivers Apps
7 aug
Endorsement by Min Chen - Malaysia's First Female Car Fragrance
21 aug
Vanzo Became Carlist’s Strategy Partner
29 aug
Invited to attend the Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs Leadership Forum along with Taiwan’s former President Ma Ying-Jeou
3 sep
Interview with SinChew Media Market
29 sep
Interview with AI FM Radio
10 nov
Vanzo Office Grand Opening
12 nov
Featured by English Business Magazine as Top 10 in Malaysia
29 nov
Participation of Malaysia Health Station Exhibition Hosted by Sin Chew Media
30 nov
Asia Most Outstanding Star and Air Refresher Grandmaster Excellence Award
14 dec
SME 100 Fast Growing Companies Award
15 dec
Vanzo 2020 Limited Gift Box Set Recommended by HAKUHAKU MERCEDES BENZ CYCLE & CARRIAGE
20 dec
Featured by The Page Magazine as Elite Entrepreneurs
27 dec
Became the preferred car brand of MUSC Motorsport
29 dec
Featured Article by Nanyang Siang Pau


16 jan
The Consumer’s Choice Award 2020
21 feb
Natural Health Readers’ Choice Award 2019
24 feb
Vanzo Sends Free Disinfectant at Grab Headquarters (GDC CENTRE)
28 feb
Vanzo Official Launching in Brunei, Signing Ceremony with Brunei’s Coca-Cola Largest International Trading Company - Malar Setia Marketing
4 mar
News Interview by 8TV
8 mar
Vanzo appeared in Brunei newspaper Borneo Bulletin
11 mar
Radio Interview by City Plus FM
14 mar
Interview by China Press Media