The New Generation Sterilizing Healthy Air Freshener

Gentleman & Goddess Series

The elegant new Gentleman & Goddess Series present a new trendy cubic
design. The most eye-catching handmade leather cap shows a sign of maturity in
men and women. A minimalist design is complemented by the shiny navy and rose gold logo of Vanzo.

Gentleman Series
2255 Black Code

The top notes of citrus and the fresh rich woody notes show the elegance and maturity. Exuding the charm of a mature gentleman, with a luxurious and exquisite fragrance experience.

Goddess Series
2266 White Musk & Rose

Preserving the freshness of the rose buds and the tenderness of the first blooms, to the
full bloom, three different layers of scents are refined, presenting a whole precious rose,
and finally through the white musk, the rose is perfectly set off, and leaving a charming
residue rhyme. Keeping the signature sweetness, while leaving an elegant,lingering trail of scent.


70 ML


PU Leather + ABS, Glass


LX Dashboard


60 Days



Only The Best For You

We're proud to work with two Asia's leading fragrance specialists,
Ogawa & Taiyo Corporation, to source the raw materials and
formulate the compounds used in Gentleman and Goddess series.
With over 125 years of experience in manufacturing fragrances,
Gentleman and Goddess Series went through 132 times of
scent formulation to ensure the highest standards of
safety, quality and excellence.

How To Use


Take Off The Cover.

Loosen & Take Off The Ring.


Remove The Lid.


Re-cover The Ring


Push Back The Cover.

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